Monday, October 20, 2008

"When I was big, I wanna be pastor just like you."

image Book of Concord with DVD programTo make sure I have my head screwed on right, I've been doing a lot of re-reading. Y'see, I'm going to be pastor soon, God be willing. To do so, I go through a lot of preparation. The paperwork I've been given to fill out shows just how much theological and personal skills a shepherd to His flock needs.  I pray God has grown me up out of the fool I remember being.

Pastor Holding book of Concord closelySo I read large portions of theLuther and his books Book of Concord, pastoral epistles in the Word, journals and publications, official releases from the Synod ...all so I make sure I am honest when I promise I will abide by the doctrine and practice herein. It's a lot to do.   And it's good work, but it's taken almost all my time lately.  Yes, lots.

While my wife Erica and I are going through the paperwork together, pressed by a deadline, a little voice says...

"When I was big, I wanna be pastor just like you." 

What a surprise to hear. Never expected that. If anything I'd wonder why he'd want to, with all the stress and worries, thinking and re-thinking... Yes, but even this little 3 year old knows. He knows by the gift of faith that God is working things out, even by his daddy.

Tino with his hands blessing no congregationTino cheering YES!Pastor Tino raising the roof

(The pictures were taken right after his startling confession.  God help this boy!)