Thursday, May 1, 2008

This blog is rated... G? NC-17?

I just took a test. For some reason I feel like I failed it. It's the "What's My Blog Rated? Find Out Your Film Rating" test. I took it partly in jest, but was also curious: I'm rated what?

Since a blog can be one's honest and uncensored expression, it had to make me think... Am I really that or this rating? Probably. But so what?

G-rated doesn't stand for Good. It means G for general, for all audiences... maybe that means I'm in public form suitable for all ages and types. Maybe though... I'm not letting all of me come through. Nor letting others relate.

NC-17, for words like "death" 30 times, "dead" 4 times, etc. Sometimes to talk about Life, one has to talk about death. Oops, I just upped that toll by 3 now!

Just don't censor me. I'm not hurting anyone. If anything, in talking about such D-words, I'm getting the most universal G-rating possible... which rather than hurting, I'm healing. Rather than you hurting in golden silence, you're healed... reclining in the light that shines in a darkened room.

Just enjoy the show. Don't let labels get in the way. Be intent on the content. Enjoy the show.