Monday, June 23, 2008

Wisconsin State Youth Gathering 2008 videos, Remedy Drive, Star Wars Stars

The State Youth Gathering was great. We won't forget it soon.

Near midnight on Friday, the band Remedy Drive geeked out with each other and the teens and even our emcee, Pastor Ben Squires. To see me referee (as Master Yoda!) check out these two cam clips:

After a long day, cleaning up Manitowoc, despite the rain... this was a good way to wind down. Yep, that's me, messing around as Master Yoda. (45 seconds in) "This contest could not be settled by the Knowledge of the force, but by the skill with a light saber." Pretty fun times for a vicar and a pastor, in Wisconsin, aye?

About 1min 25sec into it, I, Master Yoda, say, "Ok you are? Yes could you win! Guard up, strong balance, good focus, attack!" Hahaha good times just before midnight at the LCMS Youth Gathering 2008 in Manitowoc. "It looks like Master Obi-wan lost himself a saber...!"

Now just for laughs:

I enjoy DWTS and have been known on occasion to clash light sabers with my son, Tino. Here's that's a video that combines the two! Too bad though, that my camera ran down its battery in the pocket. Great, huh?

I'll be collecting more pictures and video from others who were there and will post them soon, with a thorough rewind of it all. Until then, you can click to some youtube videos of the concert we had.