Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hanging acoustic guitars


Aesthetically pleasing, not distracting.

A few pros: didn't take floor space, like a floor stand. Easy to install. Out of shade, into the light, ready to rock.

Like the Dude says, "That rug really tied the room together." (from The Big Lebowski.) So does this.



Easy to reach, just like a good book.

Almost what it looks like from my couch. Being transparent plastic, I don't notice the brackets. I do notice the guitar!

Display your guitar's beauty!

Since it's right by the door, I find I play it more often, just to practice that difficult F-major chord!


Greets you at the door.

I didn't want something that stuck out into the room, so this near flush design was great for us.

For the long haul, I like how this doesn't strain the guitar's neck. Which, btw, does tower beautifully, freely.


In detail:

IMG_5755Upper brackets:

I practice daily now: it's so easy to lift up the 12 string, or pull out the 3/4.

Note the 12 string's depth and back curve. Just to be safe, I upgraded the guitar strap button from a plastic one to a metal one. Good thing I did, because the original plastic strap button was split. Don't want your girl dropping.

Extra note, between the new strap button and the guitar itself, I added a nut. This helped clear the back from scratching / smashing into the top bracket because of angles.

Lower brackets: Here's a view only the toddlers see:


Modified instructions:  IMG_5754When installed normally on electric guitars, the brackets are practically invisible. At first I was worried it wouldn't work on our 2 acoustics. But look, it can be done!

Inverting the brackets may be enough depth, as it was for the 3/4. But the 12 string is very deep, and needed 2 extra spacers. One was borrowed from the 3/4's VM-02 which didn't need any spacers. The other spacer came direct from the manufacturer. They are great!

Visit Lowes or Home Depot for an extra longer screw. Consider extra spacers for the curve (if any) on the back of your guitar as I did.


Musical family: Instead of guitar's stuck in a closet, barely played, my boy will grow up with his childhood home full of music.

Conclusion:  So… Woodies Hanger or another hanger? Worth doing the customizing? Helps keep me practicing? Get it, get it up, keep it up.