Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plum Wine, Delightful Taste and Aroma

I've worked so hard this week and find myself physically more tired each day than the last.  So while helping (or was it just talking) with Erica in the kitchen, I noticed a deep olive colored bottle on the table behind her, with red flowers on it's label.  In gold, the letters flashed "PLUM" and so immediately I reached across the kitchen to lay hold on the promise of what I knew as one of my favorites.

Thankfully with just a twist, the aroma was released and behold, it captivated my senses.  I had to stop and just soak in that this was Plum Wine, but somehow even ...better?!  Reading the label carefully, I read that this import was to be my first chance to experience this new world, Hakutsuru Plum Wine - so good, it made me break my non-blogging spell.  It reads:

"From ancient times in Japan, people have appreciated the Japanese Plum, Ume, for its delightful taste, and for its aroma.  Hakutsuru Plum Wine with other natural flavors is brewed from selected Ume using highly developed fermentation skills and technique.  Serve chilled on the rocks or with soda to enjoy its unique and elegant taste."

Aah, elegant indeed.  With such a soft color, it may have seemed less something, perhaps less joyful than other plum wine; rather, it had expressed a Lenten joy that I could not expect to favorite so fully.

I was shocked when Erica told me it only cost $11!  From Kobe, Japan, this wine is more than a sweet adventure into another country.  This plum wine is more gentle than the usual plum wine I've had, those of which practically force one to smile!  Hakutsuru, I must leave some room now for my wife's home-made coconut ice cream.  Then again...