Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laugh at technology and computers.

Derrick Zoolander As useful as technology is, it lets you down.  So, to laugh off how silly some of these products are, here’s a few things that perked up my day.
Zoolander phone, tiny

But why use buttons at all?  Next, introducing the Apple Wheel, powered by the click wheel!  “Create products that are simple to use.  And nothing’s more simple than a single giant button.”

It comes with predictive technology which will help you type emails faster.  “Dear Robber, You wont believe where I am# Ijm at the Mac Expo aend I am USING thep colic new Macwheel laptop.  I’LL BET YOU ARE jEAlouz”  “…making typing a thing of the passed.”

What to do with that old beige box of yours?  How about throw a BBQ?  In it!  Or start your garden?

Are you tired of having silly options to your technology, that you don’t know what to do with?  image